“I cannot recommend Deborah Gilels and her LA Media Consultants highly enough!  As a media consultant and PR person, her care, knowledge, creativity and efficiency on several of our projects, not only got us in the door at several production companies and agencies, but helped with getting our business plan and some initial financing sources on board.  Her grace and kindness is beyond compare, and her lioness, fearless approach and insights in all our interactions has helped me continue to develop meaningful projects and find homes for them.  A plus, she is a “Mensch” with taste, contacts and experience!” – Devorah Cutler-Rubinstein, President, Noble House Entertainment, Inc & CEO, The Script Broker

“Deborah recently acted as publicist on my feature film, The World Without You.  I found her to be professional, sincere and caring.  She is dedicated to her clients and knows the business.  I would highly recommend Deborah and look forward to working with her again.” – Suzanne C. Johnson, Film Producer/Actress

“Deb Gilels is the industry’s best kept secret. Even as a writer living outside of L.A., Deb took my work out and got me into rooms that I could’ve never gotten into by myself. More than just a publicist, Deb is a real people-person. She got to know me as a person and then matched me perfectly with a manager. As a direct result of that match, I am a working screenwriter. Deborah Gilels is a gem.”– Kay Phillips, Screenwriter

“I’ve known and worked with Deborah for many years.  She is very professional with amazing  knowledge and expertise, and with access to a network of professionals in every aspect of the film-making industry.   I always found Deborah to be a remarkable problem-solver, go-getter professional and with a very positive attitude.   Everything she handled was done with high quality, completed on time and within budget, and delivered with tremendous success!!” – Dr. Alex Azmi, Emmy-Award-Winning Director/Producer

Intelligence, savvy and energy. I highly recommend Deborah. Though if I have my way, she’ll be busy working with us. She’s a fine professional and a perfect joy to work with.”-Warren Lewis, Screenwriter, Producer 

“Deborah is a fantastic PR person!” -Judith Claire, Author 

At the time I met Deborah Gilels I was a first time filmmaker, had no connections in LA, and had never been to a film festival ever. We met at the La Femme Film Festival where the festival version of my film , then titled ‘Keiko The Untold Story ‘, was selected to screen. She took me under her wing, and due to her expertise and connections she has remained a very important part of the journey of this film ever since. Check out the ‘Blue Carpet Event’ at the film’s website keikotheuntoldstory for the first Official Screening of the film at the historic Grauman’s Eqyptian Theater in Hollywood for the 20th Anniversary Celebration. The stars from the movie Free Willy were present to walk and interview on the Blue Carpet for the dual screening of the 1993 Hit film Free Willy and our film Keiko The Untold Story of the Star of Free WillyAfter that event Deborah connected us to Ilyssa Goodman who is now the sales agent for distribution who just negoitiation a deal for us with Discovery Channel UK. …..and the amazing journey continues.”-Theresa Demarest, Filmmaker 

“Deborah always gives a personal touch to each of her clients. With her vast experience and relationships along with her strategic planning, Deborah  helps projects get to the next level. Deborah can guide a filmmakers project to achieve optimum success.”– Valerie MCCaffrey Casting Director, Personal Manager

“My experience of working with Deborah has been the best of all in Hollywood industry. She got my pitch bible to the star producer James Cameron’s agent in less than a month and she also helped me in writing a solid pitch bible. With Deb you certainly get more than you pay for. I’m very grateful to have found her at last.”– Vishal Vad, Author

“Deborah is a true professional. She is sharp, extremely focused and utterly tenacious when working on getting her clients the results that they desire. Her knowledge of the Industry and the caliber and scope of her Industry contacts are both wide-ranging and impressive. If you are in need of a great Media Consultant, look no further…–“-Dan Woren, VO Artist

“As a reporter, I have observed the outstanding professionalism, diligence, and creativity with which Deborah  serves her clients. Those same qualities made my job easy, too.”– Austin Burbridge, Journalist