Distribution Strategists

Creating a roadmap to guide your film to the marketplace

Seasoned film executives Ilyssa Goodman and Deborah Gilels bring extensive experience in film sales with an expertise in the global marketplace providing a path toward profitable distribution opportunities for filmmakers and producers. Over the past 2 years, during the Covid pandemic, Goodman & Gilels were able to find distribution for several feature films and documentaries.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to distribution. Goodman & Gilels analyze every film, target each project’s marketable strengths, craft an individual distribution strategy and help manage the process of bringing your film to festivals, markets and screens, maximizing opportunities across all platforms around the globe.

Goodman and Gilels Bring:

  • Expertise in navigating the distribution landscape to help find the most effective placement of your film in the marketplace. 

  • Access to a strong chain of relationships with respected distributors, sales agents, aggregators and film buyers from around the globe, ensuring your film is evaluated and considered by top decision makers. 

  • As a regular film market attendees, Goodman & Gilels bring up-to-date insights into the ever-changing market mandates to help position your film in the most favorable manner to meet the marketplace. 

  • Pattern of success in capitalizing on new and emerging digital platforms for sales and social media marketing promotions. 
  • Comprehensive understanding of elements in distribution deals to ensure you get the best deal possible and that your film receives the support it deserves.

Services Include:

  • Analysis of your film and the creation & implementation of a strategy that places your film with the most effective and profitable distribution opportunities. 

  • Presentation of your film to global distributors, studios, broadcasters, foreign sales agents and digital platforms. 

  • Working with you to evaluate distribution opportunities and offers. 

  • Negotiating favorable deals leading to profitability. 

  • Guiding you through the complicated delivery process, helping to save thousands of dollars in administrative fees and lab expenses. 

Also available for pre-production consultations to help cast and package your film for the best distribution opportunities as well as generating sales projections and overseeing festival PR strategy. 

For rates and to schedule and introductory phone consultation call 310 709-7063 or write Deborah@lamediaconsultants.net  or Ilyssa@lamediaconsultants.net