LA Media Consultants panel at HollyShorts 2019
L to R: Eric Bromberg, Stavroula Toska, Deborah Gilels,
Andrea Janakas, JENNY Hayden, Michelle Sam, Valerie McCaffrey

Project Anime 2019
Deborah Gilels on panel with Fathom’s Brian Deulley and Eleven Arts Ko Mori

Violet is Blue: A Tale of Gibbons and Guardians fundraiser July 20, 2019
Michael Thau, Deborah Gilels, Dr. Alex Azmi

The Gilligan Manifesto premiere November 2018
Clare Lowenau, Deborah Gilels, Cevin Soling and Dawn Wells

Last Curtain Call premiere August 2018
Peter Mastne and Deborah Gilels

Court of Conscience premiere June 2017
James Haven and Jon Voight

Illusions musical premiere – November 2014
Deborah Gilels with the late (great) Bob Esty and Irina Maleeva

Illusions musical premiere – November 2014
Sally Kellerman, Randy Johnson, Melissa Manchester, Deborah Gilels and the late (great) Bob Esty

20th Anniversary of Free Willy Celebration, August 2013
Deborah Gilels with Theresa Demarest and Members her Keiko the Untold Story documentary crew